Dark - Force of Pure Nature

is the name of a new brand of organic high-quality products made in Iceland.

Founded in Reykjavík the year 2009 as a clothing brand and then morphed into beauty product development around 2013.

Our motto is always think about our beautiful nature first and our ingredients are solely made up of 100% certified organic oils and perfumes and the preservatives are entirely based on natural substances, e.g. plants, and thus completely biodegradable.

A part from that, it is our purpose to make products that actually work and we believe that the force of the ingredient’s found here in Iceland prove that you will see results and hopefully you will feel the unique spirit of our beautiful country and Dark product’s at the same time.

This is just the beginning, and more products are on the drawing board. The founders are hairdresser’s and makeup artist’s and the next products are going to mirror that lifestyle, education, creative thinking and passion for beautiful things in life.

And of course we are using the best and purest water on earth in our products

Our unique blend of natural and organic materials combines the spirit and the substance found in our untouched nature.

We derive our water from the mountain Kaldbakur up north which is one of Iceland’s power source. Dark product’s contain organically certified seaweed from Breiðarfjörður bay in the west of Iceland, it grows and breathes in an uninhabited and remote region in exceptionally pure waters.

The Seaweed is rich in essential energizing minerals, and contains amino acids, vitamin A, E, C and B, and also Prolyne and Glycine which are helpful for the skin elasticity.

Combined with certain micro-algae, the seaweed also offers powerful anti-aging properties, leaving skin looking younger and more vibrant.

Dark force of pure nature products are :

Fragrance only from pure organic essential oil’s.